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It has been discovered that Google will suspend the processing of Google Universal Analytics from June 2023 and the world of Google Analytics will completely shift towards Google Analytics 4, the latest generation of analytics launched in October 2020.

Prepare for the future with GA4, a model based on events and parameters with more useful events and detailed insights, a tool for improving your marketing strategy and growing presence on the internet.

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What is Google Analytics 4 and why you should be using it?

Google Analytics is a digital product offered by Google that helps in tracking and analyzing consumer behavior and user experience. It is a useful tool as it can help in improving business and sales by developing strategies backed by data. The previous generations of Google Analytics included GA1, GA2 and GA3 and now the latest and the more improved one, GA4 with more accurate data.

Going above and beyond the traditional ways of marketing, the data driven world provides a more strategic way of understanding consumer behavior by the use of various metrics, which helps organizations develop better strategies and improving their business. Understanding where the business lacks and knowing what it needs is the major benefit of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 4, compared to the Universal Google Analytics, provides detailed insights and more useful information with improved tools and filters and an AI backed analysis system. Good enough reasons to try it?

GA4 Benefits

GA4 will be useful to your organization as:

  • It gives you data without the need to code
  • Gives accurate data with deeper insights.
  • Gives access to Advanced analysis hub
  • The data becomes the base for strategies and ideas for the future
  • Get started with GA4 today with the help of Ethinos.

How GA4 different from universal analytics?

GA1, GA2 and GA3 utilized the concept of hit-types, which are metrics including page views, using timing while GA4 is Google’s latest generation of Analytics with an event-based interface for marketing and analysts, sunsetting the idea of hit-types. Every activity is called as an “Event” and all metrics including number of page views, user time, everything comes under events and tags under events.

Google Analytics 4 does not use the tags of Category, Action, and Label, unlike Universal Analytics reports, and all the data is streamlined in the events format. Events is the main function and there are sub-attributes to the function.

A session in Universal Analytics can include a number of page visits, events, social interactions, and online purchase transactions. Once a 30-minute idle period has passed or another qualifying reset event has taken place, sessions are normally considered to have concluded. Session metrics for Google Analytics 4 are obtained from the session start event, which is an automatically collected event. A session's length is determined by how much time passes between its first and end event.

Furthermore, Google Search Analytics 4 has properties, through which one can send parameters for each event. Parameters provide additional information that further specify the actions of users or add further context to an event.

Additionally, GA4 is different than universal analytics in terms of metrics, attributes and data collection methods.

Analyzing e-commerce with Google Analytics

Google Analytics, especially GA4, is an ideal tool to understand shopping behavior of customers, a great boon for e-commerce websites. Google Analytics provides insights relating to popular products, influence of promotions and the usual metrics including user time, user interactions and page visits.

It helps to track customers and users on daily basis which even helps in getting a closer look at analytics such purchase patterns and consumer motivators.

Data Protection and Google Analytics 4

One of the major advantages of GA4 is data protection. There are several properties within GA4 that help to protect data including disabling advertising features, disabling analytics data collection and IP Anonymization. This means that users' data can be deleted if they request it and at the same time, personal and certain geographical data are not shared. These are some of the most important changes from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) perspective.

Moreover, Google has added a consent mechanism for users as they browse through the web. If a user doesn’t wish for his/her data to be stored, either the data is not stored or it leaves the analytics account of the users in the span of certain hours or a few days.

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